Stretching Minds and Muscles.

At Badlands, we commit to:

Create moments that inspire wonder and awe.

There is so much in this world to be amazed by – our own capabilities, a beautiful forest, the life cycle of a butterfly. At Badlands, we honor these moments. Badlands is the place to be present.

Empower children to realize what they are truly capable of.

With guidance and encouragement, children at Badlands embark on new adventures and challenges that allow them to realize how amazing they are. Badlands is the place to believe in yourself and to take risks.

Be passionate about play.

Not all learning takes place in a classroom. At Badlands, we emphasize creative and critical thinking and provide the ideal space for unstructured, multi-age play. Badlands is the place to discover your independence.

Always grow.

Learning is a lifelong journey: from age one to one hundred, we can learn something new and grow. At Badlands, every day is an opportunity to learn something about yourself and the world. Badlands is the place to continue your journey.

Create a conscious community.

More than a play space, Badlands is a community. Together we are creating an escape of mindfulness and activity that empowers learners to become leaders. Badlands is the place to be inspired.